Event staffing made simple
Thoughtfully pre-screened employees ready to work your event.
Welcome to Pattern
The Pattern Promise
We guarantee quality and reliability. No, seriously, quality and reliable staff is guaranteed. The Pattern Promise is in place so if you are not satisfied, we refund you 100 percent of all costs. No questions asked, at your discretion.
Access our network
Pattern connects you with pre-screened workers ready to start immediately in your area. We personally interview all our Pattern Pros and require them to have at least 2 years or catering or event experience.
You call the shots
Whether it’s peak season or unexpected changes, scale up or down as quickly as needed, with no minimums or flat fees. Track employee hours, reviews and feedback all through Pattern.
We've got you covered
We handle every aspect of your staffing needs, from background checks to employee payroll. Our local accounts team will set you up and make sure you always get what you need.
Simple hourly pricing, low booking fees
We believe our clients have a right to know how much their staff should cost. We reveal the true costs behind all of our Pattern Pros - from training to labour to tax —then offer them to you, minus the traditional staffing agency markup.
Fine tune based on market trends
We've filled thousands of catering shifts, giving us a deep understanding of local trends.
Booking Fee
The booking fee enables us to give you a stress-free experience and expert support. This fee is $15.00 per shift.
Hourly Wage
This is the rate you pay that guarantees quality and reliable staff. The average range for a Pattern Pro is $20.70 - $23.30 per hour.
The Easiest Way to Book
Use our simple booking form to request staff for your last-minute or upcoming events.
Step 1
Businesses send in their requests for Pattern Pros such as servers, bar tenders, or dishwashers.
Step 2
Pattern then matches reliable, rated, and quality Pattern Pros with your event requirements.
Step 3
Pattern Pros then work your event and Pattern handles all billing and payments.
Frequently Asked Questions
How reliable are Pattern servers?
All of our Pattern servers go through an in-depth vetting process including interviews, background checks, and reference checks. These servers are ensured to offer top quality service, professionalism, and reliability!
Do I need Accident Insurance for Pattern servers?
Pattern covers all of its servers with Occupational and Accident Insurance before working any gigs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about purchasing any additional insurance for the Pattern servers working your shift.
Can I request certain Pattern servers?
While Pattern cannot guarantee the availability of each individual server, you can request specific servers for your upcoming booking. By doing so, we will make the shift available to your requested servers before all others - giving you the opportunity to get the exact staff you desire.

For future requests, you can compile a Favourite Servers list and directly select your preferred staff!
Is there a minimum number of hours for each shift?
No, Pattern does not have a minimum amount of hours per shift. Longer shifts typically tend to generate higher demand - as well as shifts located near public transit or easy-to-access areas.

Whether booking for an evening house-party or full-day event, Pattern has servers ready to work!