Pattern House Rules

We want YOU to look like rock stars as a Pattern Pro Representatives.

Please keep in mind of the following details below.
1. First Gig Check-List:
Before your gig starts:
a. Check the location and ensure you have reliable transportation.
b. Check the instructions to ensure you have the right attire and tools.
c. Upon arrival, reach out to our on-site contact to get started!
2. Five-star ratings?
After each gig, you'll get to rate the Pattern Partner you worked with, and they will get to rate you. Every gig is an opportunity for you to show off your best work! To continue getting our most prominent gig offers, strive to get the highest service rating possible!

If you receive a 3-star rating at your shift, you will be suspended from Pattern for 30 days. 
3. Didn’t show up to your gig?
If you are a no-show for your gig, Pattern will temporarily suspend your account for a 90 day period. After this period, you will be able to accept shifts from Pattern once again. 

If you continue to miss gigs, you will be placed on a one year prohibition from working as a Pattern server.
4. What if I show up at my gig and can’t find anyone?
Before each gig, Pattern will provide you with an on-site shift leader and their contact information. If you arrive at the location and are unclear on what to do, simply call or text the on-site contact so that they are aware that you have arrived and are ready to work! 
5. How do I get paid?
Pattern will pay you via e-transfer after every shift! Your payment will arrive one hour after the successful completion of your gig, along with the option to rate your experience on a scale of 1-10. 
6. Dress Code: 
If you do not follow the dress code guidelines for your shift, you will not be paid. 
7. Last minute cancellations?
We understand that emergencies do happen. If you must cancel a gig, please be sure to contact Pattern customer support via phone (+1- 855-980-7015) or email ( as soon as possible. 

We take every situation on a case by case basis, and each cancellation will be investigated. If the shift is cancelled 12 hours before it starts, you will be suspended from Pattern for 30 days.
8. Pattern Interviews: 
Everyone that works on Pattern is required to have an Interview with a Pattern Representative. This can take place in person or on the phone. You can not work a shift with Pattern until you have an interview with a with a Pattern Representative. 
9. Tipping: 
You may subtly accept tips, but you are not allowed to ask for tips when working on Pattern.
10. Late arrivals: 
You will not be paid for your shift if you arrive over 1 hour late
11. Parking: 
You will be responsible to pay your own parking for all Pattern shifts.