Our Pricing
We believe our clients have a right to know how much their staff should cost. We reveal the true costs behind all of our Pattern Pros - from training to labour to tax —then offer  them to you, minus the traditional staffing agency markup.
Pattern gives us affordable, market prices for all our staff plus all the peace of mind that we needed when it comes to reliability and quality
How we calculate labor costs
1. We evaluate your event details
We include the time of week, time of day, location of event, and position type to calculated the accurate hourly rates for labor.
2. Account for time of request
The more notice you give us for your needs, the more affordable the price.
3. Fine tune based on market trends
We've filled thousands of catering shifts, giving us a deep understanding of local trends.
Transparent pricing, no hidden fees.
1. Booking Fee
The booking fee enables us to give you a stress-free experience and expert support. This fee is $15.00 per shift.
2. Hours
We multiply the hours of your shift by the hourly wage to give you a final price.
3. Hourly Wage
This is the rate you pay that guarantees quality and reliable staff. The average starting wage is $17.80.
What your booking fee covers
Pattern finds the highest quality and most reliable staff in Vancouver.
Quality and Reliability
Pattern conducts reference checks and requires staff to have a minimum of 2 years experience.
Employment Insurance
All our Pattern Pros are covered by WCB and general liability insurance.
Payroll Taxes and Fees
Pattern handles all payments, and taxes are included in the prices you see.
Vacation Pay
Unlike hiring full-time employees, with Pattern Pros, you never need to pay vacation time.
Scheduling and Planning
Pattern coordinates the best Pros for your event, whatever your requests may be.
Customer Care
Call, text, email, or even swing by the office. We’re here to help!
No Stress or Headaches
Get your first booking free and see for yourself!

The Pattern Promise

Our goal is to give you fair and accurate pricing, and we're always looking for ways to pass savings back to you. We have a guarantee in place where if you are not satisfied, we refund you 100% of all costs. No questions asked, at your discretion. This seems too good to be true — what's the catch?
Unlike traditional staffing agencies that focus on many industries and take the majority of their staff's earnings at your expense, we use recent, comparable prices based on the true supply and demand of the labour market to come to a hourly rate that both you can afford and staff will work for.